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marcus Januari 21, 2018

Watch Online Korparna (2017) Watch Movie Free Online

Korparna (2017)

Sinopsis :A hard-working farmer, despairing by the harsh reality of his daily struggle, is determined to have his son taking over the farm and continue his legacy. The mother tries her best to keep the family together. Yet, with increasing horror, the son witnesses his father’s psychotic behavior escalate.
Cast: Reine Brynolfsson, Jacob Nordström, Maria Heiskanen, Peter Dalle, Saga Samuelsson, Valter Skarsgård, Max Vobora
Genre: Drama

Korparna (2017)
Korparna (2017)
Korparna (2017)

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At first glance, the film is about a rural farmer that encounters typical troubles with his family while they go on about their mundane lives, but “Ravens” explores themes that are much more. Themes such as how the youth perceives village life, parental pressures, sexual repression, social frustrations, freedom, mental captivity and much more… It’s exceptionally shot and well crafted. With some meticulous shot composition and lighting, the director was able to create a perfect atmosphere that complimented the themes that the movie delves into. The tone was consistent, but not tiring. Every artistic decision, including not a lot of dialogue, felt intentional. I didn’t feel like anything was rushed, or forced. All of the actor did a fantastic job. They were able to convey a lot of emotion through their characters, even though all of them were quite soft-spoken. To me birds in the film symbolize freedom. They’re very free creatures that go wherever whenever they please, and it’s really well done how the main character is so obsessed with them, fascinated, and a little envious of just how much freedom the birds have. And then the title of the film, Ravens, which are the darkest of all birds, not only in coloration but also in tone and ambiance. They symbolize death and despair and they destroy crops.

I also love the ending. It leaves you wondering, it may either leave you hopeful, or hopeless. You continue the story in your mind after the film ends, and I think that is worth much appreciation. I’m giving this gloomy, cold, quiet little tale a 9/10 and I can’t wait to get caught in its net again like a bird.

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Ravens (2017) Stars
21 January 2018
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